Thuraya External Mobile Magnetic Antenna - XT-Lite / SatSleeve

For improved satellite signal reception, use Thuraya External Mobile Magnetic Antenna

The SCAN Antenna 60401-XXX is a passive outdoor mounted antenna with versions for the Thuraya XT, XT-LITE, XT-Pro and SatSleeve including Hotspot.

The antenna requires no pointing towards the satellite* and the rugged design ensures reliable performance even in harsh conditions. The kits come complete with the selected adapter to suit either the XT, XT-LITE, XT-Pro, SatSleeve Universal & SatSleeve Hotspot.


  • Ready to use solutions for XT, XT-LITE, / Dual, SatSleeve and SatSleeve Hotspot
  • Low profile design
  • Easy magnetic mounting on vehicle steel roof or trunk lid
  • Sold in complete kits including Antenna, Extension cables and Adapter

Electrical Specifications:

  • Frequency 1525 - 1660.5 MHz
  • Impedance 50 ohm
  • Satellite System Thuraya Polarisation LHCP
  • Axial ratio < 6 dB Gain 4 DBIC

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Color White (glossy)
  • Diameter Ø 111 mm
  • Mounting Magnetic
  • Mounting place On steel roof etc.
  • Height above roof 36.5 mm
  • Materials ASA, PCB, brass, PTFE and neodymium magnets

* Please note, that whilst the antenna receives the satellite communication signal the handset will still have to be placed in a location where it is able to get a GPS signal / lock from it's own internal GPS antenna.

Typically vehicle dashboard, caravan window, wheelhouse / cockpit of a vessel etc. The handset will not register on the network without a GPS position

Thuraya External Mobile Magnetic Antenna - XT-Lite / SatSleeve

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