Satellite Internet Hire


    We are selling some of our satellite internet devices (new and ex-hire) at discounted pricing !
    Click HERE to grab a bargain or contact us to discuss your needs 

    If you are looking to stay connected while in remote Australia, Remote Site Technologies has the biggest range of satellite internet hire & rental equipment in Australia.

    Before contacting us, please consider the following questions. The answers to these questions will help our team find your solution in the quickest possible time frame.
    1. While in Remote Australia, what would you like to access on the internet? EG email, Netflix, remote desktop, basic weather ect
    2. How long will you be without Internet where you would like to use satellite?
    3. How many people will be using the service?
    4. While in remote Australia, How Often would you move and need to deploy your internet solution?
    5. Where in Australia would you like to use the internet? EG WA, NT, QLD ect.