Make sure you leave Gold coast or the main populated areas of Queensland with a satellite phone.

You can lose mobile access less than an hour or so out from town! If you work or holiday in the regional or country Queensland or you are in the 4WD heading to the Simpson Desert, Birdsville or Clermont prospecting or to any of our great national parks like Diamantina National Park or further afield then a satellite phone could save your life. (Perhaps just to keep in the good books with the folks at home) If fishing is your passion chasing tailor at your secret spot or hunting big reds behind Cairns or Townville or just cruising further out from the Great barrier Reef then help can be a long time away. Australia has only 27% mobile coverage so don't count on your mobile phone away from the main cities in Queensland!

(That does't include out territorial waters) The Iridium satellite phones and the Inmarsat satellite phones are widely used in the Qld but

Please contact us to discuss your individual location you need coverage.