DOWNLOAD: Quick Start Up Guide - Pivotel Service

DOWNLOAD: User manual

Latest Firmware: V1.05 Current As Of October 2022

Please video the link below and download the following programs / files to conduct your firmware update:

Explorer 510 (firmware)

To update the software in the Explorer 510 via the web interface, do as follows:

  1. Connect external AC/DC adapter.
  2. Open the web interface at address or http://ut.bgan and enter the Control panel. (ensuring you are connected to Wi-Fi)
  3. Click Support.
  4. Click Update Software.
  5. Click Update software.
  6. Browse to the new software version and click Open. The software file has the extension “.tiif”. The EXPLORER 510 will upload the file and start updating the software.

Note, that during this phase, the Status LED on the terminal will be flashing in blue color. Important! – Do not switch off the terminal while the Status LED is flashing in blue color!!

The Explorer 510 now reboots and starts up with the new software version. Status LED will turn steady green when the upgrade is successful.
Checking web interface for correctly loaded software version 1.05