User manual

Quick Start Guide

Latest firmware: version HL21001 (as of 27/10/22)

Firmware updater tool:

Firmware Updating Process:

  1. Run the upgrade installer application.
  2. The application is named “Iridium Extreme Software Upgrade HL21001 Installer.exe"
  3. This will place the upgrade tool and USB drivers into the C:\Program Files\Iridium\Extreme directory
  4. Prior to performing the upgrade complete the following: o Disable Bluetooth on the PC running the upgrade
  5. Remove the SIM card from the handset and install the handset battery
  6. Turn the handset on
  7. Ensure that the battery is fully charged or a charger is connected to the handset
  8. Connect the handset to the PC using a USB cable
  9. If the handset is being connected to this PC for the first time, or to a USB port that has not been used before, the driver will be installed automatically. If this is the case, wait for Windows to show the "New Hardware Installed" notification before proceeding.
  10. If Windows is unable to automatically locate the USB driver, it can be found at C:\Program Files\Iridium\Extreme\USB\VCOMPORT
  11. Run the Iridium Extreme Software Upgrade tool o A shortcut to this application should be available in the Start Menu in the Iridium Extreme Software Upgrade folder
  12. The target of the shortcut is C:\Program Files\Iridium\Extreme\Upgrade_Tool\ Iridium Extreme Software Upgrade HL21001.exe
  13. Follow instructions presented by the upgrade tool user interface. o During the upgrade process the handset will display various information on the screen, including “Upgrading…”
  14. At times the handset screen may go completely blank
  15. Do not disconnect the handset or press any keys while the upgrade is in progress Iridium 9555