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To display your firmware version:
Click the left button on the GO! 5 times until Information is seen > Select > Next Your current Firmware version will be displayed

Iridium GO! SMS date error - Published September 2021

Iridium GO! devices have been incorrectly date stamping SMS/ Text messages (currently dating them 2014 not 2021)

This can result in messages being displayed in an incorrect order or possibly not seen. Location & track SMS messages are also displaying a 2014 date.
Iridium have provided a draft candidate release of the GO 2.1.22 device firmware to solve this problem. Testing to date shows that this firmware resolves the issue.
Normal internet will be required for this as it is a large file not suitable to be downloaded over the Iridium GO! satellite connection.
Version 2.1.22 is not currently available from the Iridium website.

The GO! 2.1.22 device firmware is available from this page

If you would like free tracking for your Iridium GO! please visit this

Published 2020
Is your device running the latest firmware version? Version 2.1.8

Download Iridium GO! Upgrade Tool and Release Note from Iridium here

Iridium GO! - current app versions
iOS V1.6.21 (Released April 2020)
Android V1.6.10 (Released April 2020)

Iridium Mail & Web- - current app versions
iOS V3.0.3 (Released February 2020)
This supports text-based web browsing with the device. This also supports transmission of PDF attachments.