Thuraya XT-LIte User Manual

Thuraya XT-Lite Setup Guide

Firmware Update:

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Download the below XT-LITE Upgrader program.

XT-LITE upgrader

Run the setup file - the Upgrader program including the USB driver will be installed.

Step 2

Download the latest Thuraya XT-LITE firmware release to your hard disk.

Multi-language firmware v1.9 (for IMEI range 35606506 – 500001 to 900000)

Step 3

Connect your XT-LITE with the PC/laptop via USB data cable.

You can now start the XT-LITE Upgrader program and locate the firmware on your hard disk. The Upgrader program will help you through the upgrade process.

Previous Release

Multi-language firmware v1.8 (for IMEI range 35606506 – 500001 to 900000)

Multi-language firmware v1.4 (Optional - this upgrade is not required for existing XT-LITE users)

Release notes for Multi-language v1.4:

- Includes LCD driver for new production batch of XT-LITE.

Trouble Shooting:

The XT-LITE cannot connect to the network and ‘No Network’ is shown on the screen:

  • Try to update the SAT registration manually by going to Menu > Network > SAT registration.
  • Ensure the line of sight to the satellite is not obstructed by high buildings, trees, or mountains.
Location icon is flashing or the XT-LITE shows 'position to old'.
  • The XT-LITE's location information is being updated. This is done automatically once the phone is powered on.
  • Ensure the line of sight to the satellite is not obstructed by high buildings, trees, or mountains.

The XT-LITE shows 'Insert SIM':

  • Try to remove and reinsert the SIM card.
  • Check if the SIM card is dirty or damaged.
  • Entering a wrong PUK code may deactivate the SIM card.
  • When using a different SIM card (other than a Thuraya SIM card) in the XT-LITE while abroad, roaming service must be enabled (please contact your
  • Service Provider to check if roaming is active).

The XT-LITE becomes unresponsive or sluggish.

  • Try restarting your phone.
  • Do a reset in case your phone has a persistent problem by going to Menu > Security.
    • Soft reset: You can reset your phone without loosing your personal settings like contacts or messages.
    • Factory reset: The factory reset will restore the settings on the phone to be as it was when shipped. Personal settings like contacts and messages will be deleted.

The security code has been lost or forgotten:

  • The factory setting of the security code is 0000.
  • Please contact your Service Provider in case the number has been changed and was forgotten.

The PIN/PUK codes have been lost or forgotten:

  • Entering the wrong PIN code 3 times will lock the SIM card. To unlock, you must enter the PUK code.
  • After entering the PUK code, you can set an new PIN code.
  • In case the PUK code has been forgotten, please contact your Service Provider.