$29 or FREE Mobile Signal Location Check for Cel-Fi Boosters

FREE mobile signal location check for Cel-Fi boosters

Bad reception? Not sure how to improve your mobile reception?

We can help get the right solution for your specific location and needs.

Peace of Mind

Our $29 Location Check (Refunded if you purchase any Cel-Fi device) gives you peace of mind.
We use highly sophisticated RF path modelling software to determine the perfect solution for your location.

What you can expect

You will receive:

  • A short appraisal of your exact location, a recommendation of the solution best suited to your needs.
  • Exact Pointing Directions for the building mounted external antenna. 
  • If we can't supply a solution, it will be due to your location and terrain, this is also explained in your appraisal.
  • We'll even tell you if there are solutions that may work for you, even if not supplied by us.

How does it work?

Once you have ordered your location, you will asked to provide us with the following: 

  • We will ask for your exact location.
  • We will ask what the primary purpose of signal improvement is: (Telephony, General Use or Data Speed improvement)
  • You will receive your report quickly and within a couple of business days. 
  • Once your request is fulfilled your Location Check  will be refunded when purchasing ANY Cel-FI booster or 3G / 4G data router.

What we Need

We need your EXACT location, right to the building location. If your address identifies the building - all good.
Otherwise, jump on to Google Maps and find your building location - right click (PC) on it, or long press (Phone) and supply us the DECIMAL Latitude and Longitude.

It looks something like -26.884608, 151.594242 as an example.



Please see the Explainer Video below if you are not sure how to do this.

$29 or FREE Mobile Signal Location Check for Cel-Fi Boosters

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