Thuraya Satsleeve + / Hotspot - User Manual

Thuraya Satsleeve + / Hotspot - Pivotel Setup Guide


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Connecting to your Thuraya Satsleeve + / Hotspot

1. Download the "Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot" (Orange) app from the App store or from Google Play on your smartphone

2. Insert the simcard into the Satsleeve and turn it on. The simcard is inserted at the back of the device just above the battery. Please remove the battery before installing the simcard.

3. On your smartphone go to the Wi-Fi Settings and connect to the satellite unit (SATxxxxx); the defult password is 12345678 which can be changed in the setting once connected if required. It can take up to 1 minute for the Satsleeve to make the Wi-Fi network from being turned on.

4. Go outside and with a clear view to the North West from within Australia. Pull the antenna up until you feel a click and make sure the end of the antenna is facing North West.

5. Open the Satsleeve Hotspot app on your smartphone.

6. Once Thuraya Australia appears on the home screen this will indicate your are connected to the network.


Using the Satsleeve for Data:

The Thuraya SatSleeve does offer the ability to use data. Please note that data over the satsleeve is no where near as fast as using your smartphone on the mobile phone network. The device offers speeds of up to 60kbps down and 15 kbps up. As an example, if you already had the Google home page loaded and time in a search say "ClientSAT" the page will take roughly 60 seconds to load your search results.

Satsleeve data is only good to use for : Text based email, basic weather updates, basic web surfing.

What you can NOT do over the SatSleeve data: Internet banking, Social Media, any apps that require a login or web page which uses a login.

If you wish to activate data on your satsleeve, firstly you will need to call Pivotel to enable the service on your account. Once enabled you will need to go and change the APN setting to "pivinternet" to do this follow the following steps.


1. Turn on the Satsleeve and Connect to the Wi-FI and Open the SatSleeve Hotspot.

2. Go to More > GmPRS APN > Select APN and enter pivinternet > Save

3. To use data, toggle on.

4. A small G will appear at the on the home page of the App. Once the G turns green (can take around 30 seconds - 1 minute) data is ready to be used. Jump out of the app and enter whatever app you would like to use data over. Please note that data can be expensive depending on which plan you are connected on.


Firmware Update:

Requirements for the upgrade:

  • Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot
  • SatSleeve+ / SatSleeve Hotspot upgrader programme (available on this page)
  • USB data cable (included in your Thuraya SatSleeve+ / SatSleeve Hotspot packaging)
  • PC with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 or Windows Vista
  • Before upgrading an Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot, please check which firmware is installed (go to Menu > Security > S/W version). Perform the upgrade only if Thuraya releases a firmware version newer than your existing one.

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Download the below Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot Upgrader programme.

SatSleeve+/Hotspot Upgrader

Run the setup file - the Upgrader programme including the USB driver will be installed.

Step 2

Download the latest Thuraya SatSleeve+ firmware release to your hard disk.

SatSleeve_Hotspot_v1. 0.3

Release notes:

  • GmPRS usage issue resolution for iphone
  • Registering Missed call in logs when iphone screen is locked

Step 3

Connect your Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot with the PC/laptop via USB data cable.

You can now start the Upgrader programme and locate the firmware on your hard disk. The Upgrader programme will help you through the upgrade process.

Note: The SatSleeve App for older Android Smartphone models (below Android version 9) is not available on Google Play Store anymore. Click here to download the app (Hotspot edition) for these Android versions.