Fixed VSAT

If you are looking to the ultimate remote satellite data solution, VSAT is the technology you require. VSAT Satellite Internet has the ability to deliver speeds up to as fast as NBN in the city and can maintain a 99.99% uptime. A VSAT satellite Internet Solution is normally made up of a 1.2 meter satellite dish either fixed to a pole or into the ground or in a cyclone prone area’s onto a roof of a building.  The dish is than connected to a modem and Wi-Fi solution to give a whole camp or just a single office broadband speed in the bush.

  • High Speed Satellite Internet in the bush
  • Hire or buy your complete remote Satellite internet solution
  • Client Sat can help setup Wi-Fi on your site / camp

VSAT satellite dish’s need to be professionally installed or we train your staff to insure maximum speed & reliability, Client Sat has a team of installers who have over 10 year’s experience with connecting individuals and companies in the bush.

VSAT Solutions can very depending on your location & speed you require. Reach out to one of our support team now to find out more.

Fixed VSAT

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